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Rajko Dakic



An infield of informatics I have been 15 years, I always had a passion for computers. In 2000 when I got my first computer, I spent my whole days on it. Naturally, my curiosity just got bigger and bigger, so I decided to push it more. Now I have graduated and got my diploma from the University of Novi Sad. I have programmed in many languages Java, C, Assembler, SQL, Python, also had experience in HTML, CSS, JS, I know MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, a little with VB Script. I worked on modeling systems with UML2, also concurrent programming in Java. Since my whole program was based on Java, I spent 3+ programming on it. I have also programmed in Wolfram Mathematica, since our program had much mathematics, I also worked with Calculus, Discrete Mathematics. I liked working on Data Structures and Algorithms from a theoretical point, but also from a practical point of view. Now I can program in all languages I just need a little documentation of language and that is it. My personal preferences are actually in high-level functional languages because the syntax is just amazing for me. I am grateful that you taking the time to read my intro, and I open to any proposal for work. You can contact me over LinkedIn or E-mail:

Work Experiance

Freelance Projects - Database Modeling and Implementation2019-2019
Roma Rights Centre / Serbia - Odzaci
  • Design and implementation of a database for the Local Roma Community. Project in association with European Roma Rights Centre:
  • Data manager
  • Workflow Design
Web Design and Administration 2020-2020
Online / Remote
  • Cpanel administration - technical support.
  • Service provider for site hosting, WordPress installation, plugin management, site migration, and backup services
Python Data Scraping 2020-2020
Online / Remote
  • I made Python scripts for ad campaigns, for scrapping, and automatization of jobs, that were necessary for ongoing sales business in the mobile industry.
  • The whole campaign took one month. The job was successful. We made software that advanced human power by 60%. A job that was needed to be done in a 30-day period with our solution was done in 5 days.


  • 2013-2019
    Bachelor Degree - University of Novi Sad
  • Bechelor - Computer Science — 7.6
    Academic studies in Computer Science - Information Technologies. Acquisition of fundamental knowledge in programming languages and paradigms ( structured, object-oriented, functional, logic), algorithms, operating systems, databases, and information systems. Core mathematical disciplines required for analysis, understanding, problem solving, as well as for successful implementation of principles and techniques of informatics.

  • 2018-2019
    Open MIT
  • Courses :
    • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
      Course Description This course introduces students to the principles of computation. Upon completion of 6.001, students should be able to explain and apply the basic methods from programming languages to analyze computational systems, and to generate computational solutions to abstract problems. Substantial weekly programming assignments are an integral part of the course. This course is worth 4 Engineering Design Points.
  • Udemy Course
    Instructor : Andrei Neagoie
    The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery


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